I want to pack up all these speakers and bring them home with me to help me figure out how to share all this info with my org

—2013 Attendee

Stellar Analytics Symposium here in Boston. Very smart people solving the most challenging insurance problems. Great presentations!

—2013 Attendee

Learned lots, and met some cool geeks like me. Hats off to the conference organizers and attendees.

—2013 Attendee

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Friday, October 17, 2014

7:30 a.m. - 8:30 a.m.


Craig Bedell, Global Insurance Industry Executive, Business Solutions Strategy, IBM
Frank McKeon, Worldwide Banking and Financial Markets Executive, IBM

IBM will host an open forum that covers one of the key areas of focus in banking and insurance today illustrating the key role analytics provides in:

    • Increased customer satisfaction, retention and growth rates for your most profitable customers
    • Aligning sales resources with corporate strategies based on customer life time value and product profitability
    • Predict and execute the right offers using the right channels to optimize success and ROI

Join Craig Bedell, Worldwide Insurance Industry Executive and Frank McKeon, Worldwide Banking and Financial Markets Executive both from IBM’s Business Analytics Software Group to share examples of real world examples, success stories, lessons learned and most of all “ingredients and the recipes for success” for an Analytics Initiative associated with Customer and Product Profitability.

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