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10:15 - 10:45 Bret ShroyerSteve Werner


Predictive Analytics: Making Your Case to the C-suite and Achieving the Promised Results


Bret Shroyer
VP of Services, Valen Analytics

Steve Werner
Chief Financial Officer, LUBA Workers’ Comp


Session Description

Despite proven success of predictive analytics in insurance, it remains difficult to get the C-suite on board with investment in data analytics initiatives. This requires the ability to translate IT goals into ways the business side can understand. Steve Werner, CFO of LUBA Workers’ Comp will share with the audience how to successfully build and communicate plans to incorporate analytics in ways that will secure buy-in from the C-suite.  Implementing an analytic solution is just one piece of what insurers’ need to consider, and analytics professionals need to collaborate with business leaders to realize the results of their work. Bret Shroyer, VP of Services for Valen Analytics will share proprietary research and findings on how insurance companies who incorporate analytics into a broader strategy with measurable goals substantially outperform the market.


Attendees will learn:

· How to build and present a compelling business case for predictive analytics to the C-suite

· How to create an implementation plan and address adoption issues upfront within your organization

· Ways to monitor and adjust how your analytics projects are being utilized to achieve long-term and sustainable success.


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