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3:00 - 3:30 Dr. Henna KarnaLinda DeSantis


Balancing Short and Long Term Outcomes in Business Technology Transformation


Dr. Henna Karna
EVP & Chief Strategy Officer, Xceedance, Inc.

Linda DeSantis
VP, Director of Operations, Berkshire Hathaway Specialty Insurance


Session Description

Investing in insurance technology, digital enablement, data and analytics strategies are multi-year, multi-million dollar projects. Nevertheless, in the current economy, such initiatives are urgent and essential for market competitiveness, service excellence, and organizational advancement. These are also decidedly complex projects, prone to delays and restarts, and even outright failure. When it comes to technology adoption for business transformation, should insurers focus on short-term performance gains or look to advance and solidify long-term organizational capabilities? This session will explore the merits and pitfalls of the two approaches, offering guidance and best practices to help optimize implementation outcomes and sustain workflow efficiencies. Attendees will learn how to balance immediate and enduring priorities — involving people, processes, and technologies. The discussion will also emphasize the role of analytics to foresee and better manage operational turbulence, while increasing the likelihood of success, and positioning the insurance enterprise for growth and profitability.


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