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2:30 - 3:00 Matt KramerAllison Marsh


Next-Gen Market Segmentation for Life Insurance


Matt Kramer
Principal, Global Strategy & Analytics, Acxiom

Allison Marsh
Director, Consumer Insights & Market Research, John Hancock Financial Services


Session Description

The session will discuss an approach for life insurers to augment their agent/broker-based distribution with direct-to-consumer marketing that is highly relevant and maximizes effective reach and conversion. The evolution to consumer-centric marketing is hard enough given marketing channel and device proliferation but adding to that decades of selling through intermediaries requires insurers to change their thinking and their marketing systems.

The session will take the audience through a segmentation-driven approach that John Hancock is engaged in that will help them efficiently evolve their business to include an expanding direct-to-consumer marketing solution and set of products that are poised to capture incremental profitable business that has been underserved through traditional channels and products. The end- goal is to create a win-win strategy between direct and intermediary distribution by bringing together analytic expertise and marketing know-how.


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