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8:30 - 10:00 John JablonskiAaron LuntFrederick Pomerantz


Pre Conference Workshop: Through the Looking Glass - Telematics Data Ownership and Other Cyber Security Risks and Protections


John Jablonski
Partner, Goldberg Segalla LLP

Aaron Lunt
Assistant General Counsel and Head of Regulatory Affairs, The Warranty Group

Frederick Pomerantz
Partner, Goldberg Segalla LLP


Session Description

In this workshop we will explore establishing a telematics program, including: What is vehicle telematics?  Where did it originate? How does it help insurance carriers, consumers and the general public? Is it helpful to adjudicate claims? Are states embracing this technology? Are there privacy and cyber security considerations?

The idea of big data informing pricing and claim payout decisions is taking on increasing importance to the insurance and motor vehicle service contract world, which is revolutionizing some basic concepts of traditional insurance.  For example, telematics helps inform “usage based pricing,” models to address the emergence of the “sharing economy” which allows insurance carriers and motor vehicle service contract providers to individually-price risks based on customer usage, rather than relying on large loss pooling algorithms and traditional pricing methodologies.

Further, the tension behind big data and consumer privacy is a developing issue, which several states, including the federal government, are wrestling with solving.  For example, must a consumer provide consent to the use of telematics technology?  Does the insurance carrier or the consumer own the recorded data?  The statutory and regulatory framework is patchy and in a constant state of change as policymakers continue to catch-up to this emerging technology. Despite perceived hurdles telematics continues to grow as a necessary tool in the marketplace. 


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