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4:30 - 5:30 Patty Kreamer, CPO, ACC


But I Might Need It Someday! How to Eliminate the Clutter that’s Holding you Back


Patty Kreamer, CPO, ACC
Productivity Coach, Speaker, Author, Referral Institute of Western PA, LLC


Session Description

A day in the life of woman in insurance is all about making decisions, decisions, decisions. That's all you do all day long: what to keep, what to do first, what to skip, what to delegate, what to say no to, who to see, who not to see and the list goes on ALL DAY LONG. And then you go home and it continues. Meet clutter. It comes in all kinds of forms; physical, mental, emotional, time, people and worst of all, brain clutter. It could be what’s keeping you from reaching your full potential.

We'll look at simple, practical solutions for maximum efficiency as we uncover the complete process on how to organize and make quick, thoughtful decisions.
• Learn how to easily maintain the daily flow of paper
• Discover what your inbox is really meant to do
• Implement the EASY system to keep your desk clear of piles
• Find out how good planning can save you time

You have nothing to lose but the clutter!


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