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7:15 - 8:00 Kristin Applegate


Breakfast Briefing - The Role of C-Level Women in the Insurance Workplace


Kristin Applegate
Chief Administration Officer, Starr Companies


Session Description

During Kristin Applegate’s rise through the corporate ranks, the current Chief Administration Officer for Starr Companies learned an important – and troubling – lesson. To be taken seriously, women in insurance essentially need to drop their womanhood at the door. They can’t come across as “emotional.” They must communicate directly, getting straight to the point. But they’re still expected to play the role of nurturer, particularly to their direct reports. Is this fair? Should women in the workplace really need to spend so much mindshare on how they come across to others, rather than simply demonstrating their talents? In this session Applegate will discuss this double standard, presenting examples and highlighting ways women can provide unique value to companies in the space.


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