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1:45 - 2:30 Patty DeneauTara Kelly


Planting the Seed of Innovation


Patty Deneau
Regional Claim Manager, Auto Club Group

Tara Kelly
President & CEO, SPLICE Software


Session Description

As technologies evolve and the intelligent application of data becomes increasingly central to business success, many insurance companies find themselves at a crossroads. That means it’s time for bold new innovators to step up and lead the way into the future.  Tara Kelly and Patty Deneau will share their insights on how women can challenge conventional wisdom by planting the seed of innovation in the thin soil of a crowded marketplace - and nurture it to spectacular growth despite long odds. Kelly, a serial innovator, will share the insights she gained from the process of turning an innovative idea into a patented, proprietary, technology that harnesses data streams to create human voiced messages that are personalized, automated, and real-time. Deneau, a champion for, and witness of, recent innovations at the Auto Club Group will share firsthand experience of challenging the status quo in a slow moving industry. In the process, she will demonstrate how other women can drive innovation in a crowded field and transform an industry.  Both Kelly and Deneau are passionate about technology’s potential to change lives for the better, and will demonstrate how others can channel this belief into developing technologies that enhance operations, enable better service delivery, and improve the customer experience.


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