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8:50 - 9:15 Tim Cunningham


Keynote - A Conversation With Alexa


Tim Cunningham
VP, Chief Information Officer, Grange Insurance


Session Description

The world is moving fast.  Technology is continuing to evolve at an increasing pace, both in terms of speed and direction.  And of course, customers expect a personalized experience that reflects and embraces the changing landscape.  Today’s customer experience is, by definition, multi-faceted, dynamic, sensory and omni-channel. How does Alexa and other intelligent virtual assistants play a role in an omni-channel digital strategy? Grange Insurance was one of the first insurance carriers to release an Alexa skill. During this session, we will share our experience and point of view with you, including key observations and lessons learned that you may want to consider as you shape your own omni-channel digital strategy. Does it include Alexa? Let’s have a conversation and find out.


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