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7:30 - 8:15 Sarah Johnson


Breakfast Briefing - Insuring a Digital Future: A Guide to Digital Transformation in Insurance


Sarah Johnson
Industry Solutions Architect, Kofax


Session Description

Digital transformation is fundamentally reshaping the way insurers do business. Whatever path you take towards your digital vision, success requires a high degree of coordinated change across the organization. Leveraging digital requires insightful leadership; a culture that values and drives innovation; and a capacity to implement both short term quick hits and long term transformation, all while continuing to run the business. There’s no single, perfect end state, and there is no single right way to get there. But it’s very clear that carriers who don’t invest in a digital strategy will be left behind by those who have.

When you attend this session, you will;
• Improve your understanding of the forces behind digital disruption: The "4 C's" of customers, competitors, costs and compliance
• Learn how to map, identify and prioritize opportunities for digital transformation across your business
• Learn how to leverage a process maturity model to better understand your digital position

After attending this informative session, you'll be in a better position to transform customer engagement, mitigate risk, increase efficiency and reduce costs throughout your organization.


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