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1:30 - 2:15 Snejina ZachariaBen CaseKunal ContractorMiguel Fernandez


Chatbots & AI in Insurance: The Customer Experience Frontier


Snejina Zacharia
Founder and CEO, Insurify, Inc.

Ben Case
Lead Cognitive Solutions Architect, IPsoft

Kunal Contractor
Director, Avaamo

Miguel Fernandez
Founder, Claimbot


Session Description

Facebook, Apple, Google, Amazon are all competing in the messaging transformation of the century through text and voice. Artificial intelligence and natural language processing now allow for more adaptive consumer experiences and product recommendations. This session will feature technology and insurance startups that are changing the insurance UX interface. Can text and voice replace the way we use products and what is the impact on transforming the insurance shopping experience? Why insurance is one of the best industries where chatbots may work?  What is the future of the insurance agent with AI?


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