Dear Colleague:

Ben Hoffman

Ben Hoffman

Last October, over 400 forward thinking financial services professionals convened in New York for Marketplace Lending & Investing. It was truly a one-of-a-kind event bringing together tech entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, asset managers, bankers and regulators to discuss the biggest opportunities, most menacing threats and thorniest issues in one of the most dynamic sectors of financial services.

For many, the 2014 event was the first introduction to marketplace lending. Today, there are few asset managers or banks for whom marketplace lending is not a strategic planning agenda item. We’ve now seen multiple successful IPOs generating billions of dollars in shareholder value, individual investment commitments of $1BN, and multiple securitizations of what is increasingly recognized as a mainstream investable asset class. Banks are taking notice—partnerships span platform white labeling to drive costs down and improve customer experience, asset purchases to improve balance sheet ROA, and marketplace referrals to accommodate customer borrower needs without expanding risk appetite (to name just a few models!).

Along with SourceMedia and American Banker, I am very excited to invite you to Marketplace Lending & Investing in New York, November 4-5. With the leadership of our Advisory Board, we are putting together an exciting, content rich agenda that will address:

  • What does Marketplace Lending mean for Banks?—a threat to existing lending businesses, an opportunity to purchase high yield assets, a critical piece of the omni-channel strategy, risk of complete disintermediation?
  • What does Marketplace Investing mean for asset managers?—further democratization of access to investment opportunities, a new and uncorrelated asset class for your portfolio, a high beta fixed income opportunity, an alpha opportunity for those with analytical or operational advantages?
  • What is next for Marketplace Lending & Investing?—continued innovation in product structures and risk management techniques, introduction of new regulations, coping with a normalized rate and credit environment, intense competition and novel partnership?

We won’t leave with all of the answers, but with your help we’ll certainly ask all of the right questions!

I hope you’ll join me and our colleagues this Fall to celebrate our successes to date, discuss emerging trends and set the future direction of this sector.

I look forward to welcoming you to New York on November 4th and shaping the future of Marketplace Lending & Investing together.


Ben Hoffman

Ben Hoffman